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Pacific Pharmaceuticals Ltd., was established in 1990 and is widely involved in manufacturing and marketing activities of its products in the domestic and foreign market. The Company is manufacturing pharmaceutical products in technical collaboration of six globally renowned multinationals pharmaceutical Companies namely.

     *    Marion Merrell Dow inc., U.S.A.,
     *    Recordati Industria Chimicae Farmaceutica S.p.A., Milano, Italy.,
     *    Ravizza Farmaceutici S.p.A, BASF Group, Italy.,
     *    W.K Buckley Limited, Canada.,  
     *    Applied Pharma Research s.a., Switzerland.

Pacific Pharmaceuticals Ltd., is a Model Unit “Accredited by The Ministry of Health, Pakistan”, We are the only Pharmaceutical Company in Pakistan who has been awarded European Union GMP Certification since 2001 till this date. Our manufacturing plant is equipped with highly sophisticated and state of the art machinery and equipment mostly imported from Germany, Italy and United Kingdom. Pacific Pharmaceuticals is ISO 1400:2004 Certified Pharmaceutical Company by SGS.

Pharmaceutical Forms:        Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Ointment/Cream

Therapeutic Categories:

Analgesic Anti-Inflammatory/NSAID Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Infective For Mouth, Gums & Throat Gastrointestinal Drugs
Analgesic, Antipyretic & Xanthines Anti-Inflammatory Oral Enzymes Haematnic
Antacid Anti-Malarial Hypnotic
Anti-Amoebic Anti-Scorbutic Nasal Decongestant/ Sympathomimetic
Anti-Diabetic AntisTuberculosis Drugs NSAID S / Analgesic (Topical)
Anti-Hypertensive & Anti-Anginal Anti-tussive NSAIDs, Analgesics & Anti-Pyretics
Anti-Allergic/ Anti-Histamine Anti-ulcerant Ovulatory Stimulant
Anti-Bacterial Anti-Viral (Topical) Quinolones
Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Inflammatory Lozenges Broad-Spectrum Anthelmintic Salicylate - Sulphonamide
Anti-Coagulant/Platelet De-Aggregator Cholesterol Lowering Agent Sulphonamide/Antibacterial
Anti-Depressant/Anti-Psychotic Corticosteroids (Topical) Supplementary Agents (Sodium Salts)
Anti-Diuretics Digestive Enzymes Topical Analgesics/ Decongestant
Anti-Emetic, Anti-IBS & Anti-GERD Diuretic Potassium Supplement Topical Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-pruritic Corticosteroids
Anti-Fungal/ Anti-Bacterial Drugs Acting On Respiratory Tract Urinary Tract Antispasmodic
Anti-Gout Expectorant / Antihistamine Drug


We are aggressive in expanding our business operation, both horizontally and vertically in our export markets i.e. (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria , Vietnam , Sri Lanka , Bangladesh , Hong Kong , Philippines , Uzbekisan , Kazakhstan , Azerbaijan)