Pacific Pharmaceuticals has the skills to efficiently perform various complex tasks in the manufacturing process of medicines and therefore has gained the most valuable trust of the community over the years.

EHS Sustainability

Efficient delivery of pure air and water will lower your costs, reduce your environmental footprint, and protect occupant health. Sustainable development in building operation strategies is more than just social responsibility or environmental sensitivity.

Water Safety

In today’s world, facility managers are becoming more aware that the water running through their building systems can represent a risk. Responsible managers are now meeting the challenge of preventing pathogen contamination in the water used in their facilities.

HVAC Air Management

In today’s world, facility managers are becoming more aware that delivering cost-effective clean air in facilities is becoming more challenging. Responsible managers are looking for opportunities to improve indoor air quality while reducing HVAC fan energy cost and filter spend.

Environmental Hygiene Services

Our mission is to deliver efficiently pure water and air while lowering your HVAC operation cost, reducing your environmental footprint and protecting occupant health. We provide holistic solutions to reduce health risks due to pathogens in water and air systems and to maintain HVAC systems at operational peak performance.

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