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Ferrous Gluconate – Genesis

 (ferrous gluconate)

Iron deficiency getting you down? Try Ferrous gluconate supplements and you’ll be back to your lively and active self in no time!


Ferrous gluconate tablets contain 300 mg of ferrous gluconate as the active ingredient and source of iron.

Mechanism of action

On consumption, ferrous gluconate is absorbed into the bloodstream from the entire gastrointestinal tract, but mainly from the intestines. It replaces iron within the body.


Ferrous gluconate belongs to a group of drugs known as anti-anemic preparations. It is used for preventing and/or treating anemia in adults and children above the age of six, which is a deficiency of iron in the body caused by various conditions, including an unbalanced diet, poor absorption, and even pregnancy.


Dosage & Instructions

Swallow the tablets whole with water preferably an hour before a meal.

Adults and Elderly

  • For preventing anemia: two tablets daily
  • For treating anemia: four to six tablets daily in divided doses