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Lomexin Vaginal 

 (Fenticonazole Nitrate) 2%

The ultimate key to alleviate all vaginal infections!

Lomexin®-Vaginal is a prime anti-fungal preparation with high potency.

It is a magical treatment option for vaginal fungal infections, especially vaginal candidiasis.

Lomexin®-Vaginal is available in two dosage forms:

  • Lomexin Vaginal Cream (2% w/w)
  • Lomexin Vaginal T Ovules

How Lomexin Works

Lomexin®-Vaginal acts in three specific levels:

  • It inhibits the growth and adhesion of fungi by directly blocking the secretory proteinase and oxidoreductase enzymes production by them.
  • It disrupts the fungal cell wall stability by inhibiting its’ cytochrome P450 3A enzyme
  • It interferes in the normal functioning of the fungal cell membrane by blocking its’ oxidase and peroxidase enzymes


  • Vulvovaginal candidiasis
  • Vaginaltrichomoniasis
  • Vaginitis
  • Vaginal thrush
  • Vaginalleucorrhoeas (fungal or bacterial origin)
  • Gram +ve bacterial infections of the vagina


Treatment Duration

The duration of treatment depends on your disease condition.

In mild to moderate infections:

  • Use Lomexin® Vaginal Cream once a day for 7 days consecutively.

In severe infection:

  • Use Lomexin® Vaginal T ovules once daily for 2 days consecutively.

Usage Instructions

Lomexin® Vaginal is prescribed by the doctor after examining the patient’s condition.

Use Lomexin® Vaginal cream as directed below:

  • Attach one applicator with the tube and squeeze the cream into the applicator until it is full.
  • Detach the applicator from the tube and insert it into your vagina.
  • Release the cream into your vagina by pushing the plunge
  • Withdraw the applicator and dispose of it.

Use Lomexin® Vaginal T Ovules as directed below:

  • Insert one ovule into the vagina using your finger.
  • Leave it into the vagina as it will eventually dissolve.