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White Soft Paraffin

White soft paraffin, more commonly known as white petroleum jelly, is the ideal go-to solution for soothing those irritating dry and flaky skin conditions.


White soft paraffin consists of purified blends of semi-solid hydrocarbons extracted from petroleum. It is white since it is bleached, and might contain a suitable stabilizer to prevent oil separation.

Mechanism of action

When applied to the skin, white soft paraffin leaves a layer of oil on its surface which prevents moisture escaping from the skin’s surface, hence keeping it hydrated. It is very greasy and also works as a good water repellent, protecting skin from external irritants.


White Soft Paraffin helps improve the overall health of your skin by diminishing dryness, preventing cracking and helping the skin retain its moisture.


Precautions & Contraindications

White soft paraffin is generally considered safe to use if there is no allergy issue.


Instructions to Use

White soft paraffin can be used topically by children, adults and the elderly.

Simply apply a thin coat on the affected areas of the skin, preferably 3 to 4 times a day or at least twice every day, in the direction of hair growth. Repeat as necessary.