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PaciLact RL

(NaCl, CaCl2, KCl, Sodium Lactate)

Composition in 1000ml:

Calcium Chloride 2H2O  –  0.2 grams

Potassium Chloride  –  0.3 grams

Sodium Chloride  –  6.0 grams

Sodium Lactate  –  3.1 grams

PaciLact RL is available in:

  • 500ml
  • 1000ml


  • Correction of severe hypovolemia, Dehydration
  • Postoperative patients, burns, fracture
  • Diarrhoea induced hypovolemia with hypokalemic metabolic acidosis
  • Diabetic ketoacidosis
  • Acute blood loss
  • For maintain normal ECF fluid and electrolyte balance during and after surgery

Dosaage and Administration:

The dose is dependent upon the age, weight and clinical condition of the patient.

Rehydration Therapy: In severe cases of diarrhea and vomiting, Ringer’s Lactate is indicated for the initial therapy and should be administered in a bolus dose of 20-30 ml/Kg.

Burns: When treating burned patients, the Parkland burn formula can be used.

Parkland Formula:  4ml  x  %Burn  x  Weight (kg)

50% of this amount should be given over the 1st 8 hours post burn and the rest over the next 16 hours.

Hemorrhage:   Fluid resuscitation with Lactated Ringer’s Injection for blood loss requires 3ml. of Lactated Ringer’s Injection for every 1ml. of blood loss.